Saad Films Location Service & Scouts In Morocco

Location Service & Scouts In Morocco

Saad Films is one of the leading full service independent production companies in Morocco, scouting locations in Morocco may be a simple as heading to a specific location or can be as complex as tripping all over the country in the search for the perfect location, budget will of course dictate how much work a location scout will do and that’s where our expertise and intimate knowledge of Morocco comes in play, as we are there along the process to offer guidance and professional assisatnce with the help of our talented team.

In addition to finding Moroccan locations with the right ‘look’ and ‘feel’, a location scout will find locations that are feasible for a film crew to use, Saad Films will assist you in finding the  unique spot that will help showcase your final product, either a beautiful desert location, a modern envirnment, a subarban area, a flea market, mountains, beach, etc, Saad Filmswill make sure you will get the right location that is not a hundreds of miles away from civilization, We make sure that the final location would be good to the logistics of a film shoot.

Saad Films is one of the few companies that is specialized in this field. We have many resources at our disposal and can often recommend suitable locations.

Why Location Service & Scouts In Morocco?

Morocco is one of the few countries in Africa that has a renowned history in filmmaking. and is home to the Atlas Studios in Ouarzazate Considered to be the Hollywood of Morocco, Many actors, actresses and singers from all over the world choose to produce in Morocco knowing that this will earn them a bigger span of viewers which also means fame, saves in investment, as most production services here in Morocco are a fraction of the cost of other shooting location around the world..

Morocco boasts having a horrendous number diverse locations, seasons, cultures and our company is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the interiors you desire. Saad Films will help you locate the location you need to work at with your own requirements.

Our location scouts in Morocco are trained to find the places that meet your requirements while assisting with required permits, by using Saad Film’s services for location scout in Morocco you can ensure that your project gets completed in a timely manner at a fraction of the cost while ensuring a high quality level of the final product.

Let Saad Films guide you in scouting your location, We are the PROS of Location Service & Scouts In Morocco; Morocco is home of production of so many legendary movies such as Alexander, The Mummy, Mummy Returns, Hideous Kinky, Exorcist, Lawrence of Arabia and Sahara just to name a few.

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