Saad Films Why Filming In Morocco

Why Filming In Morocco?

Political stability

Morocco’s political stability, steady economic growth, a thriving port and a strategic geographic position make it aggressively marketing itself as an attractive investment destination to the biggest players in the film industry. The country’s efforts to attract investments in recent years were noticed; big investments by big productions in the world (Americans, Germans, British and Italians…) and famous Actors such as Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe, Angellina Jolie, Eva Green, Leonardo DiCaprio, Collin Farrell, Orlando Bloom, Brendan Fraser, Jake Gyllenhaal, and more landed in Morocco for not only its gorgeous locations and the well experienced crew but also for its safety and security, making it a land of peace and Hollywood of Africa.

The land of film making

For more than a century, Morocco has been an international land of filmmaking. However, many film directors made Morocco their second home for their movies such as Ridley Scott, Martin Scorses, Paul Greengrass and more to be mentioned. All this and more makes Morocco your future land for your upcoming projects.

The landscape, more in one

When seen from the sky, surrounded by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Morocco has a long chain of mountains, which runs from East to West before embedding yourself in the sand of desert. The landscapes are very varied and extremely surprising: the snowy peaks of the High Atlas mountains, the hills and the rocks of the Rif massifs, the dense forests of oaks of central plateau, the almost desert steppes and luxurious oasis of the Souss basin and the Saharan sand dunes. This makes Morocco a large film set that opens its gates for the film dreamers; only few kilometers will be enough to provide with other and different alternatives for your shooting. Therefore, Taking advantage of this is like hitting two birds with one stone.

The new government approach

  • Exempt all materials and services used in the filming of foreign films in Morocco on the VAT (20%).
  • The temporary facilitate the import of technical equipment and machinery needed for filming.
  • The intervention of some state agencies, the Royal Armed Forces of the Royal Gendarmerie and National Security, and others, to provide thenecessary facilities for the teams photography.
  • The simplification of administrative procedures regarding the granting of licenses of shooting.

We hire the best crew

The quality of a film depends on different factors among them is the hired crew. We give you access to the best local and international talents and technical crew available. At Saad Films we hire the crew that has the technical skills needed to bring your film concept to life. Our production head of departments will provide you with experienced and friendly crew members for your shooting. All our crew has many years of experience and is very fluent in English as a foreign language.

Moroccan crew members

Below are available Moroccan production crew members and the famous movies they have been part of :
  • Line Producer
  • Production Manager
  • Production Coordinator
  • Production Account
  • Location Manager
  • 1st Assistant Director
  • Casting Director
  • Art Director
  • Prop Master
  • Construction Manager
  • Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Make-up Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Focus Puller
  • Gaffer
  • Key Grip
  • Sound Operator
  • Transport Coordinator
  • SFX Supervisor
  • Military Advisor
  • Set Doctor




Executive Producer

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